Leading Improvement in the Quality of Health Care for Community Populations



Primary and community health is the foundation of health care in our system. Yet measurements of performance in the Canadian system show that there is room for improvement. Health care providers are primarily motivated in improving care; yet often they lack the core skills in quality improvement. Furthermore they have not been trained in leading or managing the interprofessional teams that are increasingly charged with improving care delivery.

This course fills two key niches—developing skills in quality improvement, and the management and leadership of interprofessional QI teams.

This is a structured learning, modular course. The course is delivered through readings, workshops and seminars, aided by a structured learning workbook developed for the course that aids interactive class learning. Demonstration of learning effectiveness will be through the leadership of a project in community based quality improvement and design of a poster presentation.

The course focuses on the delivery of health care by teams dealing with the identification, stratification, and improvement of team based structures and processes in the care of defined populations.

Format: Lecture / Seminar


Class participation: 10%
Worksheet assignment: 10%
Data collection plan for Measures: 20%
Quiz: 10%
Project: 30%
Class presentation: 20%

Reading(s): As assigned

Email: familymed.grad@utoronto.ca
Tel: 416.978.8363


Participants must be licensed in a recognized health profession or a senior trainee therein. Masters’ level participants should have access to a practice site to complete the project work required.
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