Philip Ellison MD, MBA
Associate Professor


Toronto Western Hospital
Toronto Western Family Health Team
399 Bathurst St., WW2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M5T 2S8

Research Interests

Health Informatics, Health Policy, Quality Improvement, Improving the provider experience in team-based primary care models

Since 2010 Dr. Ellison has been the Director of the Quality Improvement Program, DFCM, and is now Vice Chair, DFCM. In 2013 Dr. Ellison was awarded the Fidani Chair, Improvement and Innovation from the Department of Family and Community Medicine.


Research Synopsis

Quality Improvement.
Fostering a culture of quality improvement in primary health care, through the development of performance measures, infrastructure support, and new models of care and the development of curriculum and teaching of the competencies of quality improvement. A particular interest in advancing the function of primary health care teams.

Health System Integration.
Working within the broader community to foster integration of health care services, focused on primary health care.

Primary Care Informatics.
Advancing the development and implementation of new information management systems, primarily for primary health care.

Publications and Awards

Recent Publications

The Teaming Project - Learning from High Functioning Interprofessional Primary Care Teams; O'Brien, Patricia. Aggarwal, Monica. Rozmovits, Linda. Whittaker, Mary-Kay. Ellison, Philip (Senior Author)’s-qi-program-examines-what-makes-interprofessional-primary-care-teams-function-optimally October 2016

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