Required Education Practicum for MScCH (HPTE) - CHL5690H



To provide experience in the role of a clinical teacher and educator in a variety of settings, e.g., clinical education committees, clinical teachers meetings, large lecture and small group teaching, seminar presentations, one-to-one clinical training, and continuing professional education.

Practicum Expectations:

Participants are expected to complete a 12-month fieldwork practicum teaching directly in medical education activities and teaching with a field supervisor. Students taught may be at the undergraduate, postgraduate or continuing education level in any health profession. Ideally there will be a variety of new activities.

Participants must attend regular monthly meetings (approx. 10) over the duration of the practicum with either:

  • a) “Field supervisor” who will provide feedback and help guide practicum (as approved by Program Director) or
  • b) Monthly clinical education practicum meetings:

Date: second Wednesday of each month
Time: 08:00-09:00
Location: room 303, 500 University Avenue (unless otherwise noted)
Web Conferencing:

Must bring minimum 1 completed teaching log page to each session. 
Please advise program staff which option you are choosing and the name of your field supervisor.

Practicum “Field Supervisors”

“Field Supervisors” are often faculty who are previous graduates from the DFCM Master’s degree programs willing to volunteer to work with current students. A brief guide on the role of a “Field Supervisor” is available for these faculty and Program Directors are available to discuss expectations with them.

“Local” Practicum Meetings

Occasionally small groups of graduate students may organize geographically convenient “local” meetings to discuss practicum issues.

List of Eligible Teaching Activities: > Practicum > Resources > Examples of Clinical Education Practicum Activities Certain teaching activities may require students who do not have CPSO licensure to apply for hospital observership privileges. Hospital policies regarding observers must be strictly adhered to at all times. 

ROSI Course Enrollment

  • Remember to enroll for the practicum on ROSI
  • CHL5690H is a “continuous” course that can be carried forward over several terms
  • The course will appear as “IPR” (“in progress”) on your transcript until a grade is submitted


  • Learning contract for planned practicum work submitted by end of the first term
  • ePortfolio completion checklist submitted within 6 weeks of practicum start and resubmitted at the beginning of each term thereafter
  • Final ePortfolio due date as assigned by Program Director. Submit to

More Practicum Requirements

Download the full practicum requirements for MScCH (HPTE) (PDF) >

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