Teaching and Learning by the Health Professions (A): Principles and Theories



An excellent opportunity for graduates, fellows, teachers and other health professionals to study the aspects of training of health professionals and their role in the development of systems which promote health, prevent disease and support the effective, well managed use of available resources for health in the community.


  • To provide a broad introductory overview of teaching and learning issues in health professional training as a field of scholarly inquiry and research
  • To examine the major topics which are important in developing educational programs for health sciences
  • To introduce students to some of the important literature in the field of heating and learning as applied to clinical supervision

Format: Lecture / Seminar


  5% Outline of major paper in poster format
25% Presentation of major paper in poster format
70% Major Scholarly Paper

Reading(s): As assigned

Contact: familymed.grad@utoronto.ca


Participants must be licensed in a recognized health profession or a senior trainee therein.
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