Theory and Practice of Curriculum Design, Mapping and Program Evaluation in Health Practitioner Education


Goals and Objectives:

The course will explore the theory and practice of interrelated curriculum planning processes in field based education:

  • Curriculum mapping
  • Needs assessments
  • Spiral curriculum
  • Milestones and benchmarks
  • Case-based learning, and
  • Program evaluation

Students will undertake projects preparing curriculum maps and program evaluations as well as cases. These projects will include class presentations as well as final written reports.

Format: Lecture / Seminar


Class Participation: 10%
Cases Development and Analysis: 40%

  • Oral presentation (30%)
  • Written report (10%)

Major Project: 50%

  • Abstract (10%)
  • Simulated editorial board presentations (10%)
  • Final paper (30%)

Reading(s): As assigned


Tel: 416.978.8363


One (1) of CHL5614H, CHL5615H, FD14, or FD15
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