CSEP Counselling Skills Course

The Counselling Skills Education Program is offered to second year Family Practice residents only. 

If you choose this elective, by the end of the rotation you will:

  • Be able to assess psychosocial Issues
  • Have an understanding of the main theories of counselling and psychotherapy
  • Be more comfortable using counselling techniques in your office practice
  • Have increased your competence in handling typical psychosocial problems such as depression, grief and relationship problems.


Commitment to 1/2 day per week for 4-month period. Below is a brief description on what the course entails:

Course Content

  • 4-month elective program
    • 3 hours per week
  • Didactic component
    • Lectures
    • Small group case based tutorials
  • Clinical component
    • Direct clinical supervision with individuals, couples and families
    • Assigned tasks and readings between sessions
    • Written case study and presentation
  • Evaluation and feedback

Counselling Skills Application Form

For further information or to request an application form please contact:

Program Curriculum Assistant
Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM)

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