Enhanced Skills Program: Palliative Care 6-Month Program

Palliative Care 6-Month Program  

Overall Program Vision

The Palliative Care Enhanced Skills 6 Month Program at the University of Toronto is a part of the Enhanced Skills Program at the Department of Family and Community Medicine. The goals of the program are:
(1) to enhance the ability of family physicians to provide high-quality palliative care to their patients
(2) to prepare family physicians to provide palliative care consultation and empower them to serve as resources of information for their community and colleagues.

Program and Application Eligibility

Funding Ministry of Health

Those who are currently enrolled as a PGY2 in a Canadian Family Medicine Residency Program

Funding: Ministry of Health Re-entry*

Please visit 2016/2017 Re-Entry Programfor information on eligibility to apply.

 *Please note applicants must separately apply for Ministry of Health Re-entry funding


Length of Program

6 months (26 weeks) full-time

Curriculum Competencies

The Palliative Care Enhanced Skills 6 Month Program adheres to the CanMEDS-FM goals and objectives to achieve the following competencies:

•    Medical Expert
•    Communicator
•    Collaborator
•    Manager
•    Scholar
•    Health Advocate
•    Professional

For complete details, please view the general goals and objectives of the program.

Sample Rotations

Mandatory Content of Training:

Palliative Care: 24 weeks
This rotation will form the bulk of the training and will involve the following:

  • Palliative care inpatient
  • Inpatient consultation
  • Outpatient Clinic
  • Home visits

Medical Oncology: Longitudinal (one half-day per week)
The trainee will participate in outpatient clinics under the supervision of a medical oncologist

Radiation Oncology: 2 weeks
The trainee will participate in outpatient clinics under the supervision of radiation oncologists

Family Medicine: Longitudinal (one half-day per week)
The trainee will participate in a Family Medicine Clinic under the supervision of a family doctor. The Trainee can request a particular family physician as a supervisor or the program can assign one. 

There is some flexibility during the palliative care rotation to accommodate special interests. Rotations can be arranged at other palliative care sites within the city upon request depending on availability.

Unique Program Requirements

Trainees will, as their protected academic half-day, participate in seminars on Thursday mornings along with the trainees from the Palliative Care Enhanced Skills 12 Month Program.  They will also, near the end of their training, be expected to present, to an audience of palliative care providers, on any subject of interest and relevance. Trainees may also be asked to participate in educational opportunities such as pain management seminars or end-of-life care seminars as either learners or teachers.

During training, trainees will be expected to provide on-call services for the inpatient palliative care/consultation service for one week per month. This includes rounding on the weekend/holiday days and “home call.” Details of the on-call schedule will be worked out with preceptors at the site of training at the start of the program.

Program Director

Dr. Niren Shetty
Room 375 – 4001 Leslie St.
Toronto, ON  M2K 1E1
p. 416-756-6000 ext. 4138 (for admin assistant for palliative care team - Munira Mohamed)
f. 416-756-6024

To Apply

Note that the application process for the Palliative Care Enhanced Skills 6 Month Program has been harmonized with that of the Palliative Care Enhanced Skills 12 Month Program. Please view the Palliative Care Enhanced Skills Program 12 month page for further details.  

Since the training objectives of these two programs overlap, and in the past, many applicants from family medicine residency programs have chosen to apply to both programs, there will be one single process for applying to either or both of the Palliative Care (6 month and/or 12 month) programs.

Please note that as part of the application process you will be asked to indicate if you are applying to the 6 month, 12 month or both Palliative Care Enhanced Skills Programs. If you are applying to BOTH programs you will be asked during the online application process to rank your preferred choice in your letter of intent.

Please read the program descriptions carefully before making this decision.


Application Process Opens: August 21, 2017
Application Deadline: October 6, 2017
Apply Online


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