Family Medicine University Library FAQ

Who can use the DFCM’s family medicine university library?

If you are a DFCM family medicine resident, graduate student, researcher or faculty member, you are welcome to use our services. Members of the public and the wider U of T community do not have access to DFCM’s library.

What are your hours and location?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and located on the fifth floor of 500 University Avenue. 

How can I contact the library?

Email the librarian at .

Is there assistance available for finding materials for my project?

Yes, our full-time academic librarian can assist you with your searches. We also host workshops throughout the year on using the library’s various tools. Please visit our Services page for more info.

Where can I find more information on how to develop my resident project?

Our Research Resources section provides information and basic resources.

What are the passwords for fellows papers, residents projects, book reviews, QI projects?

All DFCM library databases are password protected. Please email us at and indicate your affiliation with DFCM to receive the code.

How do I get a UTORid? How do I reset my password?

Please see the University of Toronto UTORid page for assistance accessing your UTOR account.

Do I need a library card, and if so, how do I get one?

You do not need a library card to take out books from the DFCM library but will be required to provide your contact info.

You will need a university library card though if you want to borrow books from one of the other UofT libraries or to use Interlibrary Loan. To get a university library card as a faculty or staff member, bring your photo ID and a letter with your UTORid and barcode from DFCM to the TCard  Office at Robarts Library.

How do I access University of Toronto Library (UTL) electronic resources off campus?

You will need either your UTORid and password or your library card bar code and PIN to access UTL off campus electronically. You will be prompted to log in when you click to access a database or journal on the library site.

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