PD Program Development Fund

The DFCM Faculty Development Committee is aware of the need to develop new programs in faculty development and continuing education aimed at meeting previously identified and newly emerging needs. Because one of the limiting factors for faculty in taking such initiatives from a good idea to an implementable program is the time required, the Committee feels it would be beneficial to offer support for faculty to work on promising projects.

The Program Development Fund will provide two awards annually of $5000 - one each for faculty development (FD) and continuing medical education (CME) - to support the creation of new educational programs. The initial audience for such programs would be DFCM faculty in their roles as clinicians and teachers.

Application Deadline

Annually by October 15


The Faculty Development Committee will give preference to candidate projects which:

  • Meet an identified and documented need
  • Can be implemented within one year
  • Are proposed by faculty from across several DFCM program areas and/or teaching sites
  • Can serve as the springboard for other scholarly work
  • Have a well developed evaluation plan
  • Provide a project budget
  • Focus on interprofessional learning (FD) or interprofessional clinical practice (CE)
  • Relate to other DFCM priorities
  • Have achieved, or have applied for, funding from other sources


Eligibility for the awards is limited to academic staff appointed to the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

Application Process

Submit a completed application form via email or regular post

Faculty Development Program
Department of Family and Community Medicine University of Toronto
500 University Avenue, 5th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V7

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