Residency Integrated Research Stream

The Integrated Research Stream will participate in an integrated family medicine residency, combining the standard 24 month family medicine program and the Clinician Scholar Program.

The 2 options for completing the Clinician Scholar Program and thus the Integrated Research Stream are:

  1. A three-year integrated program intended for those with, at minimum, a master’s degree in a relevant field. 
  2. A four-year integrated program intended for those that do not have, at minimum, a relevant master’s degree. Please contact the Associate Director, Research Program,  to ensure relevance and eligibility for the above options. 

The same application may be submitted to all streams. However, candidates may choose to write separate personal letters for each stream (although this is not required). Please note the additional criteria for reference letters for the Integrated Research Stream as described below.

Attendance at only 1 Interview & Information Session is required if you apply to 1 or more of the 4 streams: GTA, Barrie or Newmarket, Rural or Integrated Research. For those applying to the Integrated Research Stream, an additional in person or videoconference interview is required and will be arranged.

Your hospital teaching site is determined after the CaRMS match results, and will be assigned based on availability and ability to meet the requirements of the integrated research program at the assigned hospital teaching site.

Please see the Admissions Process Section of our website for further comprehensive details. 

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