COVID Clinical Trials Initiative

UTOPIAN is a primary care practice-based research network (PBRN) that engages over 400 family physicians serving over 600,000 patients in the GTA and beyond.

UTOPIAN is assisting with COVID Trial recruitment by coordinating referrals to primary care studies. If you or someone you provide care to is:

  1. COVID positive or has COVID-like symptoms;
  2. Interested in learning and participating in one of the clinical trial across Canada;

Please contact UTOPIAN Research Officer, OR 1-888-499-0966.

Each referral will be asked a few questions to determine which, if any, study they meet the inclusion criteria for. they will then be provided with the contact details for the study coordinator of a specific study. If someone meets the crtieria for more than one study, a single study be randomly selected. We will keep track of number of contacts and referrals, but no personal information, referral contact details or question responses will be retained by UTOPIAN.

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