Leadership Basics: Full-Day Session Discovering your Leadership Potential with Keynote Address from Dr. Joshua Tepper

Feb 27, 2020

Developing your leadership skills is an integral part of successfully running your own clinical practice. The Department of Family and Community Medicine runs an annual accredited leadership program for health professionals that will give you effective and applicable tools to help you become a better leader.

The full day session will include:

  • "Powerful Presence" by Mila Naimark, Global Leadership Communication: “Learn to leverage your natural talents as a speaker and strengthen your weaker points.” (clockworktalk.com)
  • Leadership & Personality Styles by Cecil Canteenwalla
  • Leadership & Mentorship by Dr. Viola Antao
  • Leadership Panel Discussion: Facilitated by Dr. Viola Antao, Director of Faculty Development Program, DFCM, University of Toronto

Register and more information at pd.familymed@utoronto.ca
Registration is free.