Faculty Development: Faculty Renewal/Accreditation Modules

Four Modules - Hidden Curriculum, Wellness and Resilience, Competency, and Assessment - were developed to help support DFCM faculty in their teaching practices and to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary for Post Graduate Accreditation.

These four topics were identified as key areas to reinforce based on multi-level needs assessments. The materials were developed collaboratively between Faculty Development Committee and the Post-Graduate committee members.

The materials are designed to be tailored by sites to meet their specific faculty development needs. Each of the four modules include: 1) an introductory video to highlight the core purpose of the module 2) a power point presentation 3) a one-pager that summarizes the key concepts.

For further suggestions or questions, please contact pd.familymed@utoronto.ca

To download the video trailers, click the three dots on the bottom right of the video player, or right click the video to save it.