FAQ: Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) Interview and Information Session

Please Note: PHOTO IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED. Valid forms of identification are as follows: passport, driver’s license, permanent resident card, Canadian citizenship card. 

What is the schedule like for the Interview and Information Session?

All applicants are required to attend one central Interview and Information Session at the Department of Family and Community Medicine in Toronto. All family medicine Interview and Information Sessions are approximately 2.5 hours and take place at the Department of Family & Community Medicine at 500 University Avenue in downtown Toronto. Saturday morning sessions take place sometime between 8:15–12:00, Saturday afternoon sessions between 12:15–16:00, and weekday evening sessions between 17:15–21:00. During the sessions there will be opportunities to learn more about the various teaching sites associated with our program and meet the teaching site directors, staff and residents. We will notify you of your required registration and arrival time in the weeks before your Interview and Information Session and you will be notified of your interview time upon registration.

What is the expected duration of my admissions interview?

Your interview itself will last for up to 30 minutes and your interview time will be provided upon registration at the interview session. We have planned an event to provide useful information for you to learn more about our program, opportunities available and the diversity of our teaching sites. Please ensure your travel plans allow for you to be in attendance at the entire 2.5 hours of your assigned Interview and Information Session. We are unable to give you your interview time prior to your registration at the Interview and Information Session.

How many interviewers take part in the interview?

All interviews will include 2 interviewers (one faculty and one resident).


If the interview is 30 minutes what else do I do on the interview day?

We have planned an event to provide useful information for you to learn more about our program, opportunities available and the diversity of our teaching sites. We have also brought together numerous students, program directors and teachers from our program for you to meet during the course of the session.

If you are particularly interested in the Rural Stream, please request to interview at the sessions designated for the Barrie/Newmarket and Rural stream so that you may have questions answered by faculty and residents from this stream. There will only be representatives for this stream on the Rural days.

Where do the Interview and Information Sessions take place?

The Interview and Information Sessions take place at the University of Toronto, Department of Family and Community Medicine (downtown Toronto) at 500 University Ave. The building is easily accessible by TTC, and is located just north of St Patrick’s Station which is at the intersection of Dundas Street and University Avenue.

Do I have to attend the entire Interview and Information Session?

We strongly recommend that all candidates take part in the entire Interview and Information Session. This is a valuable opportunity to meet with a broad range of residents from across the many sites and streams, as well as learn more about our program and curriculum in a casual environment. In extenuating circumstances, (i.e., due to inability to change travel schedules), a candidate may leave after their interview and they should approach a DFCM staff member to inquire about this.

What is the dress code for the Interview and Information Session?

The dress code for interviews is business casual. Suits or ties are not required.

How do I prepare for the Interview and Information Session?

Preparing for interviews is a very individual process and depends on your personal style and preferences. The following are some suggested tips that may help you maximize your experience at your upcoming Interview and Information Session.

  • Review the program description on the CaRMS website prior to your interviews
  • Review your personal letter
  • Prepare questions that you could ask your interviewers during the interview
  • Practice. Try to answer typical residency interview questions ahead of time
  • Ensure you have strong, honest answers for the following questions:
    • Why do you want a career in family medicine?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5–10 years?
    • Why are you interested in our program?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses? What has been your most difficult experience during medical school?
  • Review your CV and any formative experiences
  • Be yourself! Reflect on what really makes you a good fit for family medicine

If I don't come to the interview, do I still get ranked in the program?

If you do not participate in an interview, you will NOT be ranked by the program.

Will my interviewer have reviewed my file before the interview?

No. Your interviewer will only have minimal access to demographic information from your file prior to the interview. Please be sure in your interview to highlight any experiences or discrepancies in your file that you feel may be important to your assessment.

Does the Rural sessions include a different interview panel?

The interview panel for all our sessions consistently includes a faculty member and a current resident. However, there is a higher chance that you will be matched with interviewers from the Rural stream at the dedicated sessions.

Will attending the Rural stream session have any disadvantage for someone who is very interested in the GTA stream?

No, there is no disadvantage to candidates who attend the Rural stream session.
The Rural Sessions are designated days when there will be additional representatives from the Rural streams to answer questions and take part in the interview session. If you are highly interested in this stream it is strongly recommended that you choose to attend these Interview and Information Sessions. There will still be representation by residents from the GTA stream and the Barrie or Newmarket Stream at these sessions to help with answering questions and providing information.

I received confirmation for a 4 hour time period, what time is my interview?

Please note that you will be informed of your registration time closer to your interview date. You will be required to be at the DFCM for approximately 2.5 hours which will include your 30 minute interview. We understand that you are coordinating multiple interviews and scheduling transportation, thus we recommend you leave ample time around this window as buffer time for travel. We have planned a variety of activities for you to learn about the Family Medicine Program at U of T including formal presentations and time to allow you to meet representatives from the diverse sites and streams that comprise our program in an informal non-evaluative setting. This is an important piece in order to familiarize yourself with our program so you can make an educated decision in your ranking process. We will provide you with your interview time on arrival and we are unable to provide this time before registration.

How do I get to the Department of Family & Community Medicine?

Public Transit: Conveniently located at St Patrick Subway Station.

Parking: is available at a cost. The two closest parking lots can be found at 123 Edward Street (entrance off Centre Street) and 250 Dundas Street West (entrance off of Simcoe Street). Please click here for details on hours and parking fees for these lots. Additional street parking is available at certain times on University Avenue as well as smaller side streets in the vicinity.

What do I need to bring to the Interview and Information Session?

Please bring ONE of the following documents with you for registration at the interview:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Citizenship Card