For Faculty

A number of educational experiences and opportunities are offered to foster and prepare Faculty as teachers, scholars and learners in global health.

Course Offerings

Global Health Primer: Applying Global Lessons to Enhance Local Practice

This 3-day primer course aims to offer participants a broad overview of Global Health with specific relevance to primary care.

Refugee Health Primer: Optimizing Primary Care for Refugee Newcomers in the Greater Toronto Area

A one-day Conference on Clinical Care and Health System Navigation for Primary Care Providers Serving Refugee Newcomers.

CHL5618H - Family Medicine & Primary Care in the Global Health Context

This continuing education course provides an overview of key issues pertinent to the strengthening and delivery of primary care and family medicine around the world while highlighting specifically, based on a review of the evidence, how family medicine can impact global health locally and globally.


Connections: Primary Care and Family Medicine in the Global Health Context

This public monthly event serves as a forum for the examination and discussion of key issues pertinent to the delivery of primary care in settings around the world. Invited speakers include leading experts in Family Medicine, Primary Care and Global Health. The speaker series sessions are interactive, providing ample opportunity for dialogue and exchange among participants from a variety of disciplines.