Our work to improve quality


Over the last decade, our teams have been working to understand and improve gaps in quality in their primary care practices. Explore a selection of innovation reports, commentaries, and research publications that highlight some of our efforts and summarize lessons learned.

View select publications from our faculty.

Toronto International Conference on Quality in Primary Care

On November 16, 2019, nearly 150 local and international colleagues came together for the 2nd Toronto International Conference on Quality in Primary Care. The conference theme focused on improving equity in primary care, and speakers from around the world provided insight into the work they were doing in their local contexts to contribute to health equity. View the conference webpage to learn more. 


The Quality Improvement (QI) Program launched a qualitative research project in late 2014 asking the question: What makes primary care teams effective or high-functioning? Learn more about this initiative and read the report. 

Patient Safety

In February 2017, the Quality Program Committee (QPC) supported the use of the IHI Breakthrough Series (BTS) – a Learning Collaborative as the organizing framework for a primary care, patient safety community of practice. Read about the Primary Care Patient Safety Learning Collaborative and access resources.

SPIDER study: Structured Process Informed by Data, Evidence and Research

The DFCM’s Quality and Innovation Program and UTOPIAN have collaborated to work with patients and their health care providers to reduce prescriptions that are less likely to benefit this population. Conversations between clinicians and patients about thoughtful medication choices can improve care for elderly people living with multiple medications. SPIDER, the Structured Process Informed by Data, Evidence and Research will test collaborative ways to have these conversations more often in family practices.