Patient Safety Learning Collaborative Session 1

On this page you will find documents from the learning session 1 of the Primary Care Patient Safety Learning Collabortiave.

The learning session will take place on Friday March 31st from 8:00am to 12:00pm in room 365/303 at the DFCM.


Session Documents:

Read A Framework for Safe, Reliable, and Effective Care on the IHI website.


Site patient safety presentations:

Markham Stouffville Hospital.pdf (1.62 MB)

Women's College Hospital.pptx (550.43 KB)

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.pptx (355.9 KB)

Toronto Western Hospital.xlsx (16.29 KB)


Site safety tools commented on:

TW FHT Incident Report Review Spreadsheet.xlsx (16.29 KB)

SHSC Case Review Template.pptx (54.05 KB)

MRK Confidentiality Agreement.pdf (453.92 KB)