Research Program Awards

Individuals may self-nominate for any of these awards.

Award for Outstanding Peer-Reviewed Publication

Up to 3 awards for outstanding peer-reviewed publications will be given each year. To be considered, the article must:

  • Have been published in the previous calendar year;
  • Have a DFCM faculty member as first author;
  • Be relevant to family medicine and/or address an important research or methodology question.

The award winners are chosen by the DFCM Clinician Investigator Award recipients.

We highly encourage faculty to submit their own publications and to nominate others who meet the eligibility criteria.

Please email all nominations (including name of nominee, name of nominator, and full citation) to

Nomination deadline is February 15.

Award for Research Mentorship

To recognize outstanding contributions in research mentorship. To be considered, the nominee must have a DFCM primary appointment and a record of sustained research mentorship. Individuals who received the award the previous year are not eligible. The Award for Research Mentorship will only be awarded if a suitable candidate is identified. In order to apply, please complete the following nomination form:

To nominate, submit, or receive more information for either of these Research Program awards, please contact

Nomination deadline is February 15 (please note the deadline has been extended to March 15, 2021).