Department of Family & Community Medicine

Enhanced Skills Program: Self-Directed PGY3

Self-Directed PGY3                        


The Department of Family and Community Medicine may choose to utilize Ontario Ministry of Health funding for residents applying for a Self-Directed Enhanced Skills Program. In keeping with the Enhanced Skills Program goals and objectives, a Self-Directed Program must be focused on the development of skills and experiences that will help the resident meet the needs of populations where there is a gap in medical care. Self-directed PGY3's are not aimed at extending the resident's training for their own professional benefit but rather directed towards a population need.

Note: This year, our funding will be directed to the following population needs: Adolescence Medicine, Developmental Disabilities and LGBTQ Health.


Applicants will apply online for a Self-Directed program. Applicants should outline their proposed curriculum in the letter of intent that accompanies their application. References for those interested in a Self-Directed PGY3 Program should come from proposed faculty and current program directors and be addressed to the Enhanced Skills Program Director, Dr. Giovanna Sirianni. All other elements of the application are the same.

Residents interested in pursuing a Self-Directed Enhanced Skills Program are encouraged to contact the Enhanced Skills Program Director, Dr. Giovanna.Sirianni, for guidance on the feasibility of their proposal prior to submitting an application.

To Apply

Our application is currently closed. We will begin accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year starting August 2019.