Motivating women in rural Uganda to participate in prenatal care

In Uganda, located in East-Africa, where approximately 6000 women will die annually due to pregnancy-related complications, providing access to and encouraging women to use prenatal care provided by trained medical professionals is a major priority for the country.
Apr 17 / 2017

Join our Big Ideas Working Groups in Education Scholarship at DFCM

DFCM Faculty are invited to join us in guiding the development of future areas of focus for education scholarship at the DFCM.  The Office of Education Scholarship has identified three Big Ideas, or pillars, on which to focus our scholarly activity: Person-Centred Care Big Data The Specialist Generalist in Family Medicine
Apr 3 / 2017

Resident Awareness Week

DFCM is proud of our talented, intelligent and hardworking residents everyday. Here's just some of the ways U of T and DFCM's Hospital Sites celebrated Resident Awareness week this February on social media. The week aims to raise awareness about who resident doctors are and what their role is in the healthcare system. 
Feb 22 / 2017

Vulnerable Patients Losing Out on Voluntary Reforms

Reforms to primary care in Ontario implemented a decade and a half ago are ripe for evaluation and some of the findings show a significant gap in quality of care for vulnerable patients.
Jan 20 / 2017
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