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Enhanced Skills Program

Enhanced Skills in Family Medicine

The Enhanced Skills program offers curriculum-based clinical teaching at the third-year resident level focused on the needs of patient populations. The University of Toronto is one of the Enhanced Skills programs in the country offering Category 1 and Category 2 programs accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Graduates from the Enhanced Skills program practice comprehensive family medicine and act as a resource to their patients and colleagues in their area of enhanced training.




Enhanced Skills Programs

Explore the wide variety of specialized training programs below that our Enhanced Skills Program for third-year residents and physicians. Get a quick view and compare program details such as the number of positions, funding and program length in our program chart below.







  Addiction Medicine   1-2 Varies 1 year

Dr. Nikki Bozinoff

  Anesthesia   2 Varies 1 year Dr. Vaibhav Kamble
  Breast Diseases   1-2 Varies 6 months Dr. Melinda Wu
  Care of the Elderly   3 Varies 1 year Dr. Amy Freedman
  Clinical Environmental
  N/A Varies 1 year Program on hiatus until further notice
  Clinician Scholar - Research Stream   1-2 Varies 1 year

Dr. Liisa Jaakkimainen

  Clinician ScholarEducation Stream   1 Varies 1 year Dr. Cynthia Whitehead
  Global Health and
Vulnerable Populations
  1 Varies 1 year

Dr. Praseedha Janakiram 

Dr. Eileen Nicolle

  HIV Care   2 Varies 6 months Dr. Gordon Arbess
  Hospital Medicine   3 PGY3 1 year Dr. Benjamin Kaasa
  Emergency Medicine   7 PGY3 1 year Dr. John Foote
  Indigenous Health   1-2 Varies 6 or 12 months Program on Hiatus until further notice
  Low-Risk Obstetrics   4 PGY3 
3 months Dr. Lara Rosenberg
  Medical Oncology   1 Varies 1 year

Program on hiatus until further notice

  Palliative Care - Clinical Palliative Care 
6 Month Program
  1 Varies 6 months Dr. Niren Shetty
  Palliative Care - Academic Palliative Care
12 Month Program
  2 Varies 1 year Dr. Niren Shetty
  Self-directed Special Populations   1 PGY3 6 or 12 months See Program Description
  Sport and Exercise
  2 Varies 1 year Dr. Mark Leung
  Women's Health   1-2 Varies 1 year

Dr. Kymm Feldman

Continuing Education and Masters Students

In past years, many DFCM Enhanced Skills fellows have successfully incorporated a DFCM continuing education (CE) or Masters Degree program alongside their clinical fellowship program. Such an arrangement requires a separate application into an academic fellowship or graduate studies program as well as approval of the Enhanced Skills Clinical Program Director. 

Visit our Academic Fellowships and Graduate Studies programs 

Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience (SEME)

SEME is an innovative program funded through the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide family physicians practicing in smaller and rural communities with a three-month, full time, remunerated fellowship in Emergency Medicine. 

For more information, visit SEME