FAQ: Admissions Process

Should I create different personal letters for each of the U of T residency streams (i.e. GTA, Barrie or Newmarket, Rural or Integrated Research) to which I am applying?

It is NOT a requirement to create different personal letters for each residency stream. However, you are welcome to personalize your personal letters according to stream if desired.

If I create a different personal letter for each stream I apply to, will they be read by the same reviewer?

Yes, there is a central file review process for all U of T residency streams. The same reviewers will read your personal letter(s) for all streams prior to your interview.

When adding research publications, am I required to include the abstract and the published article?

It is best to append all documents in the supplemental document section on CaRMS online. There are no specific guidelines on what is required for research publications but it would be helpful to the file reviewers to include all appropriate documentation.

Is it possible to add different residency streams (i.e. GTA, Barrie or Newmarket, Rural or Integrated Research) after the CaRMS application submission deadline?

When applying to the U of T residency program it is recommended that you apply for all streams you may be interested in before the CaRMS online application closes. Adding additional streams after CaRMS online application closes may be considered until the close of the interview period. In order to be considered for additional streams, you must both email dfcm.admissions@utoronto.ca indicating which streams you would like to add, as well as add the stream to your CaRMS online application. Please see U of T Family Medicine Program Description on the CaRMS website. 

If I submit a notarized/certified photocopy of my Birth Certificate does the photo ID need to be notarized as well?

No, the piece of photo ID submitted with your notarized/certified photocopied birth certificate does not need to be notarized/certified.

Do I need to notarize AND certify my proof of Canadian citizenship document?

No, your proof of Canadian citizenship documents can either be certified OR notarized, you will not be penalized for doing both. You may choose to do one or the other.

My legal full name is used throughout the CaRMS application but my reference letters may be addressed by my preferred name. Will this be a problem when my files are reviewed?

The main identifier throughout your CaRMS application is your CaRMS ID which can be verified by reviewers. It is recommended to ask your referees to use your legal name if possible or make reference to your legal name at the beginning of the reference letter.

My CaRMS application includes my married name; however some supplementary documents have my maiden name. Do I need to include a name change document?

The main identifier throughout your CaRMS application is your CaRMS ID which can be verified by reviewers. You may include any name change documentation with your application if desired in the supplementary documents section on CaRMS online.

If I apply to all four family medicine streams, can I choose different reference letters for each stream?

In total only 3 reference letters are required for your application. At least one reference should be from a family physician.

If applying to the Integrated Research Stream, please note the additional criteria for reference letters as described in the research stream program description on CaRMS.

If I exceed the 500 word limit for my personal letter(s) will my letter(s) be disregarded?

The 500 word limit is a recommendation. We suggest that you do not exceed 500 words but your application will not be discarded if it is over the word limit. Please try to follow our instructions to limit your personal letter to 500 words. If your transcript or file includes a break in training or failed year and you are required to add a transcript addendum, this will not be included in the overall word count/length of your personal statement.

What is a "Transcript Addendum"?

If your transcript or file indicates poor academic standing, course failure(s), loss of a year for academic reasons, or a break in training, you are required to attach a supplementary statement to the beginning of your Personal Letter entitled “Transcript Addendum” explaining the above. This transcript addendum will not count towards your word limit for your Personal Letter. If there is an academic transcript deficiency and a “Transcript Addendum” is not supplied, then the application may not be considered.

A transcript addendum can also be used to explain any reason for a gap or extra year (i.e. academic reasons, personal reasons, work, etc.) that you think our interview committee should be aware of. It is highly recommeded for candidates to include a transcript addendum if they took a gap/extra year.

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