Postgraduate Education Program Awards

The nomination process is led by Teaching Site Program Directors and the Enhanced Skill Coordinator between January and February. Up to 1 individual may be nominated per award per site. The Enhanced Skills Programs collectively will function similar to a teaching site and may have 1 nomination per award. All nominations must be approved by the site program director and/or the site chief residents, or the Enhanced Skills Program director. The award winners are acknowledged and celebrated at the DFCM Conference.

Postgraduate Resident Achievement Awards:

Clinical Teaching Awards:

Educational Achievement Awards:

Nomination Process

Postgraduate Resident Achievement Awards

Site program director(s) and faculty at each site can nominate up to 1 resident for each of the four awards listed below.

1. Leadership

This award is presented to residents whose leadership has brought about an innovation or improvement in the postgraduate program.

2. Teaching Excellence

This award is presented to residents who has demonstrated interest and skill in teach­ing medical students, other health profes­sionals or the public. Areas to consider are teaching innovations, assisting with the development of educational programs or contributing as role models.

3. Advocacy for Patients

This award is for residents who demonstrate a deep commitment to patient well-being and who advocate effectively on their pa­tient's behalf.

4. Clinical Excellence

This award is presented to a resident who demonstrates superior clinical skills, a patient-centred approach, and excellent interpersonal qualities.

DFCM Postgraduate Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards

There are 2 categories for DFCM Postgraduate Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards:

  • Clinical Teaching Awards
  • Educational Achievement Awards

Clinical Teaching Awards

Residents at each site can nominate up to two faculty for each of the 3 awards listed below.

1. New Teacher Award

Residents can nominate a junior faculty member (one who has been teaching fewer than three years). Qualities that will be evaluated include commitment to and excellence in teaching.

2. Excellence in Teaching

This award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated excellent teaching skills and a strong interest in promoting resident education. This award winner respects residents and what they bring to the learning environment.

3. Role Modeling Clinical Excellence

Residents nominate teachers who have inspired and served as role models, providing residents with outstanding opportunities for learning.

Educational Achievement Awards

Family physician-in-chief, program director, residents and administrative staff at each site can nominate up to two individuals for each of the three awards listed below.

1. Program Leadership

This award recognizes faculty who demonstrate exceptional skills as leaders. They collaborate and foster success in a team environment while stimulating development and achievement in others.

2. Innovation in Education

This award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching methods, curriculum development or educational activities for family medicine residents.

3. Resident Advocacy

This award recognizes an individual (faculty or staff) who has made an outstanding contribution by sup­porting and nurturing family medicine residents.

Nomination Process

  • Nomination deadline is February 15
  • Each site may nominate a maximum of 1 individual per award.
  • Nominations for residents or staff must be submitted or pre-approved by the site program director.
  • Nominations for faculty must be submitted or pre-approved by the site chief residents and/or the site program director.
  • Submissions must include the full name, base hospital site and email addresses for both the nominator and nominee.
  • Additional supporting documentation will not be accepted.
  • Preference will be given to nominees who have not received the same award in the last three years.
  • Nominators are asked to provide a clear and concise statement (150 words) which explains why the nominated individual is a deserving recipient of the award.
  • See the list of past winners.

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