Supplemental Emergency Medicine Experience (SEME)

Three Month Remunerated Fellowship

SEME is an innovative program funded through the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide family physicians practicing in smaller and rural communities with a three-month, full time, remunerated fellowship in Emergency Medicine. The SEME program provides a learning structure that is practical and relevant, offering a unique opportunity for comprehensive skills enhancement in Emergency Medicine.

This program is provided in the spring (April-June) and fall (September-December).

The program is composed of three 4 week rotations: minimum 8 weeks of core clinical emergency work and 2-4 weeks of electives coordinated with approved teaching sites directly by the program. The core clinical placements occur in various ED sites affiliated with the SEME program. These clinical placements provide learners with practical, real-world experiences in order to build advanced management and procedural skills. Elective placements in Anesthesia, Intensive Care, or Trauma complement the ED rotations.

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Now accepting applications for the September 24 - December 16, 2018 cohort (deadline for applications:  March 29, 2018)

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Online, Interactive Modules

elearning modules addressing key clinical areas in Emergency Medicine available on DFCM Open


2016 - Wightman-Berris Academy, Anderson Award for Program Innovation and Development, University of Toronto

2014 - DFCM Award of Excellence:  Excellence in Course/Program Development and Coordination


"I am a recent graduate of the SEME program and was very satisfied with the entire experience.  Along with a solid clinical base, the program provided valuable knowledge through a wide range of educational modalities including simulation labs, small group lectures, technical skill seminars, and on-line modules.  The program is designed to and administered with the learner in mind.  I would recommend the program to any family physician looking to enhance their emergency medicine training."

Dr. William Gott - 2016

“Prior to starting the SEME program, I had worked for several years in two smaller community emergency departments in Southern Ontario.  Although I felt ready to start working in the ER out of family medicine residency, I found the development and enhancement of my skills to be slower than expected.  The SEME program provided a structured set of learning objectives that helped to improve my knowledge and develop my procedural and critical care skills.  It prepared me for life as an ER doc in a busy community ER department in Northern Ontario. Thanks again!”

Dr. Bryan Lemenchick - 2016

“What an amazing course. It made me feel immensely prepared for rural practice and in my subsequent rural locums, my colleagues have recognized my enhanced skills and even treated me as an ‘expert resource’.”

Dr. Adil Shamji - 2014

“I simply would not have felt comfortable staffing an ER prior to taking SEME, and I am fairly comfortable at the prospect of staffing one in the near future. This course has been invaluable.”

Dr. Luke Russell - 2014

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