Undergraduate MD Program Details: Southlake Regional Health Centre

Southlake Family Medicine Teaching Unit

Type of Practice

High volume, office based outpatient Family Health Team and Family Medicine Teaching Unit.

Location of Practice

Located in the city of Newmarket, across the street from Southlake Regional Health Centre, the Southlake Academic Family Health Team and the Family Medicine Teaching Unit in total, take care of approximately 20,000 patients.

Special Features of Site

  • Small city community office with direct access to Regional Hospital
  • 1:1 preceptor: learner
  • Interprofessional model of care learning
  • Health equity across a diverse population residing within the region 
  • Able to participate in resident clinics and academic seminars

Mandatory Experience

Experience will coincide directly with preceptor’s type of clinical practice.

Clerkship Electives/Selectives

Clerks with a keen interest in other family medicine areas — i.e. emergency medicine, palliative, family medicine inpatient, etc., half days can be arranged to enhance family medicine experience.


Testimonial 1 - "The Southlake Academic Family Health Team was a wonderful environment in which to be exposed to family medicine for the first time.

As a fairly rural community site, the patient population I was able to work with was diverse - in one day, it was not uncommon for me to perform a newborn assessment, see a child for a sport injury, and then follow-up a geriatric patient after their hip replacement surgery.

Likewise, I also had the opportunity of practicing many different skills, some of which are staple - such as preventative health counselling and musculoskeletal physical exams, and some of which are specialized. The Diabetes Education Centre located within the clinic, allowed me to learn to manage this chronic condition alongside specialized diabetes nurses and dieticians. The small day-surgical suite that operated there once per week gave me the chance to perform a
wide variety of minor procedures including skin biopsies, wart removals and suturing, just to name a few.

As well, due to the small number of clerks at this location, there was abundant time for staff and residents to engage in targeted one-on-one teaching. The residents at Southlake were passionate about primary care and always excited to share their knowledge. Overall, I would say that the Southlake Academic Family Health Team is a great location to get a true experience of what a primary care practice could be."