The Investigator Awards Program Celebrates 23 Years of Excellence

As the largest of its kind in Canada, the Investigator Awards Program seeks to increase research capacity and improve research productivity in DFCM by protecting time for faculty to become involved in research activities.
Jan 5 / 2018

Global Outreach Initiative to Educate Health Professionals on Air Pollution and Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year, air pollution claims 7 million lives globally—that’s one in eight total global deaths. And yet, very few health professionals are aware that air pollution increases the risk of developing a stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and both chronic and acute respiratory disease.
Dec 14 / 2017

Clinicians Develop New Diuretic Protocol for Patients Living with Advanced Heart Failure

A group of clinicians led the development of a novel diuretic protocol that will allow allied-health professionals to administer treatment orally or intravenously to homebound patients suffering from advanced heart failure.
Dec 4 / 2017

Patients Living With Dementia are not Outliving Their Prognosis in Palliative Care Units

Patients living with dementia are not staying in palliative care units past their prognosis as it was initially believed according to a new study led by Dr. Giulia Perri.
Nov 27 / 2017
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