An Inside Look at the Redesigned Global Health Week

Dr. John Ihnat and Dr. Jessica Osumek
Jul 31 / 2018

Educating Family Physicians on Treating Patients with Addiction Disorders

A new curriculum is teaching family medicine residents about the treatment of addiction disorders, including alcohol and cannabis use, and safer opioid prescription.  
Jul 23 / 2018

An Online Community Space for Palliative Care Experts Forges New Connections

What are the latest trends in palliative care? How can palliative care experts apply quality improvement within their practice? How succinctly can palliative care specialists explain their stance on advance care planning? 
Jul 16 / 2018

Evaluating Antipsychotic Medicine Prescribing in Nursing Homes

In 2014, a report by the Toronto Star pushed government administrators to revisit prescribing antipsychotic medicine in nursing homes, a type of medication that holds sedative-like properties and is used as a type of chemical restraint on residents with behavioural disturbances.
Jul 9 / 2018
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