Allyson Merbaum

Dr. Allyson Merbaum

Dr. Allyson Merbaum joined the Department of Family & Community Medicine (DFCM) at U of T in 2002 having completed her family medicine residency with the department. Now, she is an Associate Professor and the Faculty Development Program Director at DFCM. She has held numerous leadership roles, including North York General Hospital (NYGH) Professional Development Lead from 2013 to 2014, and NYGH Postgraduate Site Director from 2014 to 2021.

Dr. Merbaum is a family doctor at NYGH, where she is an active teacher, having taught extensively at pre-clerkship, clerkship and postgraduate levels. Her focus on ongoing education extends to medical education research, with scholarly interests including continuity of care in family medicine residency, teaching exceptional learners and resident wellness. She continues to mentor residents in their academic work as the resident research lead at NYGH.  
Dr. Merbaum has recently completed the Clinician Teacher Certificate at DFCM. Dr. Merbaum is the recipient of numerous awards, most notably the Tim Rutledge Education Achievement Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching and Education in 2021.