DFCM Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Family Medicine Education and Research

Awards are one of the many ways we celebrate the hard work and successes of our faculty. At DFCM, there is a trajectory of awards starting with program level awards, moving to departmental Awards of Excellence, and finally external awards. We strongly encourage all faculty to review award descriptions and criteria, and consider nominating deserving colleagues for Program Awards, DFCM Awards of Excellence, or one of the many external awards offered at the University-level or by professional organizations in family medicine.

Award Application Information

  • Program Awards reflect the contributions and excellence within our department's individual programs.
  • DFCM Awards of Excellence recognize sustained commitment of department-wide excellence and contributions.
  • External Awards are university-level and awards from external organizations received by DFCM faculty or staff members.

For more information, please email dfcm.awards@utoronto.ca.