QI Courses

The DFCM Quality and Innovation (Q&I) Program has led the way nationally in developing a quality improvement (QI) curriculum for family medicine resident physicians. Over the last decade, we have trained hundreds of residents – and the faculty who teach them – in improvement methods and the nuances of applying them in primary care practice.

We have continued to evolve our curriculum based on faculty and resident feedback, educational pedagogy, and the changing primary care context. A series of self-learning e-modules now form the foundation of our residency QI curriculum. In 2021, we developed a version of the e-modules tailored for faculty and others who teach how to improve quality in primary care.

We are pleased to offer free access to our self-learning e-modules for anyone interested in improving quality in primary care. There are three different offerings to choose from based on your career and interest:

  • An educational series for family medicine residents and learners
  • An educational series for family medicine faculty and teachers
  • An educational series for primary care clinicians

Each educational series is made up of multiple modules, each on a different topic relevant to improving quality in primary care. Modules review traditional QI elements such as the Model for Improvementmeasurement, and patient safety as well as foundational concepts including patient engagementhealth equity and leading change.

Modules are interactive and include text, images, videos, reflective questions, as well as hyperlinks to resources and articles. Although each module can be viewed in isolation, the modules build on one another and learners are encouraged to engage with the material from start to finish. Once complete, the modules are an excellent source to refer to in the course of improvement initiatives.

We are happy to provide consultation on the adaptation and application of our resident and faculty series for individual contexts. Please contact dfcm.quality@utoronto.ca with comments or questions.