Continuing Appointment Review (CAR)

All Clinical Full Time faculty appointed to the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Toronto must complete a Continuing Faculty Appointment Review (CAR) at the end of their three-year probationary period and no later than the end of their fifth year. This review is designed as a “check in” to ensure that the faculty member has met the terms and conditions of their appointment to the Department, and to determine whether the appointee’s performance merits their transfer to continuing annual appointment.

In order to be eligible for continuing annual appointment status, faculty must continue to meet the criteria for an academic full time appointment: engaged in academic activities for 80% or more of their professional time, active hospital staff, and enrolled in a conforming practice plan.

Successful transfer to the continuing annual appointment stream grants the new appointee the expectation of continual appointment renewal, unless the University can demonstrate cause for non-renewal based on performance. This is an important decision since the “continuing annual renewal status” is treated as permanent providing that the appointee participates fully in a conforming practice plan or its equivalent and continues to fulfill their job description including the criteria set out in the procedures manual.

Please note: Clinical Adjunct and Part Time faculty are not subject to this review, but instead must participate in the annual Clinical Adjunct and Part Time Renewal Process. More information can be found here.

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Process & Timeline

The CAR process is facilitated by the DFCM normally during the January - June period.

Annual CAR Timeline:

  1. The DFCM generates a list of DFCM faculty that have reached their 3rd year of academic appointment in the past academic year (since July 1).
  2. Site/Division Chiefs are notified by the department that the CAR process is beginning. They are asked to verify their site/division list of eligible faculty and request any deferrals.
  3. Eligible appointees receive an automated email from the DFCM requesting that they complete their CAR and providing detailed instructions for submission.
  4. Eligible appointees must also complete an online conflict of interest webform within two weeks via the link provided in their email.
  5. Once appointees submit their CAR application package, it is reviewed by the CAR Committee. A recommendation is made to the Chair.
  6. If a rare decision is reached not to approve the application, the Committee Chair will advise the appointee that the decision can be appealed to the DFCM Chair. Any disputes arising from the decision will follow the procedures for dealing with academic disputes as noted in the Procedures Manual for the Policy for Clinical Faculty.
  7. The DFCM submits the CAR application to HR with the Chair's recommendation to transfer the applicant to a “continuing annual renewal status”.
  8. HR and the Clinical Affairs Office will review all CAR applications. Once approved (on behalf of the Dean), the DFCM will be informed.
  9. The applicant will receive a congratulatory email on their transfer to a continuing annual renewal status. Their Chief/Division Head will be copied. This will happen before July 1st.
  10. A DFCM internal administrative process is completed to update all appropriate records to "continuing appointment" status.

Required Documentation

A Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) application package must include the following:

  1. Conflict of Interest Webform (for CAR committee) - time sensitive
    • Very brief declaration form -- to be completed online within 2 weeks of receiving notification email
    • Must be completed whether or not there are any potential, perceived, or actual conflicts with any of the committee members or the University Department Chair
    • Link to webform provided in appointee's CAR email
  2. Application Form
    • Applicants must complete the application form and where indicated, provide a brief “cover statement” with an overview/highlight of their academic activities since appointment
  3. Letter of Support from the Family Physician-in-Chief/Division Head*
    • A template is provided below 
    • Applicants should solicit this letter ASAP to give their Chief plenty of time.
    • Please note Chiefs may want to submit this letter directly to us confidentially. If so, kindly forward your CAR email to your Chief/administrator so they can use the submission link
    • Note: for faculty in a Division, this letter should come from their Division Head.
  4. Current CV
    • Should be up-to-date and must present the candidate’s account of academic work completed or undertaken since the initial date of appointment
  5. Additional Letter of Reference (1)
    • A recommended template is provided below
    • May be internal/external to the applicant's Site or Division, and from someone who can speak to their academic activities/teaching since appointment
    • Should be addressed to our Department Chair
    • Can be solicited by the appointee, or the hospital/division administrator
    • Should be on letterhead, and must include their signature and signature block. Hardcopy not required
    • Note: for faculty in the Division of Emergency Medicine, this reference letter should come from the local hospital EM department chief
  6. *OPTIONAL* new position description: if you would like to take this opportunity to change your academic position description (i.e. clinician teacher, etc) please include a new position description form signed by the appointee and Chief.

Important note for divisions:


Please note: In the past, appointees could merge a junior promotion application with their CAR; however, this is no longer the practice and policy in the DFCM. They are two completely separate processes.

Steps in the Continuing Annual Review (CAR)

The following steps are a suggested guideline in preparing your application package:

  1. Meet with your respective DFCM Site Chief or Division Director to discuss the application package, required documents and timeline going forward. Faculty may also meet with their FD Lead
  2. The appointee must complete a brief conflict of interest declaration webform as it relates to the CAR committee membership (time sensitive - see deadline stated in appointee's email).
  3. Identify and solicit 1-2 reference letters. They should speak to the appointee's impact in teaching or other academic activities.
  4. Assemble the CAR documents and combine them into ONE PDF (instructions provided).
  5. If the Site Chief/Division Director wants to submit their letter separately/confidentially, they may do so using the faculty member's unique ID and submission link (the appointee can provide them with this from their email) and it will be sent directly to the DFCM.
  6. Submit electronically via the instructions in the appointee's email.

Submission Deadline

The CAR submission deadline for 2023-2024 is April 1, 2024.

Faculty who have not exceeded their 5th year of probationary appointment may defer their CAR by 1 year. Only faculty who have exceeded their 5th year are mandated to complete their CAR this year.

Continuing Appointment Review (CAR) Committee Membership

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine Procedures Manual for Policy for Clinical Faculty mandates that the names of the committee members MUST be made known to the candidate in advance.

The DFCM CAR Committee consists of the following members (as of December 2023):

  • Dr. Debbie Elman, Chair
  • Dr. Erin Bearss
  • Dr. Harvey Blankenstein
  • Dr. Jeff Bloom
  • Dr. Anthony D’Urzo
  • Dr. Nour Khatib
  • Dr. Sarah Park
  • Dr. Erum Raheel
  • Dr. Paige Steciuk

Facilitated by:

  • Madeleine Morassutti, Academic Appointments Administrator
  • Marie Leverman, Academic Promotions Coordinator

Conflict of interest

Appointees must declare whether or not they have any potential, perceived, or actual conflict with any of the committee members or the University Department Chair.

The committee will make a recommendation to:

  1. Approve the appointee to a continuing annual renewal status or
  2. Recommend an extension of the probationary period (one-two years) or
  3. Terminate the full-time appointment

Contact Information

For inquiries around the CAR review and process, please contact:

Marie Leverman, Academic Promotions Coordinator 


Q: Why is the purpose of a CAR?

A: All Clinical Full Time faculty in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto must complete a review. It is designed as a “check in” to ensure that the faculty member has met the terms and conditions of their appointment to the Department, and to determine whether the appointee’s performance merits their transfer to continuing annual appointment.

Q: Why am I required to complete a CAR now?

A: Temerty Faculty of Medicine clinical policy dictates that your CAR must be conducted after the end of your 3rd year and before the end of your 5th year of full-time appointment.

Q: Can I combine a junior promotion with my CAR?

A: No – in the past, candidates could combine them. However, this is no longer the policy in the DFCM as they are two completely separate processes.

Q: If I work in the same teaching unit as one of the CAR committee members, is this considered a conflict of interest?

A: Not necessarily. The definition around COI is not strict. It is only considered a COI if you feel that a committee member might not review your application without bias.