Learn, Teach, Thrive

LEARN. We are all on a learning trajectory from the first day of training to the day we wrap up our clinical practice.

TEACH. For most faculty members, teaching and education is the foundation of our academic careers.

THRIVE. Having the right professional supports will help us achieve our goals and feel balanced and fulfilled in our work as family doctors and teachers. 

Learn, Teach, Thrive is a series of events offered centrally by the Faculty Development program to support the diverse needs of faculty across the trajectory from initial appointment through to senior promotion and everything in between. Portfolio Leads for Appointments & Promotions, Awards, Grants & Funds, Health Professional Educators, Mentorship, and Wellness organize a variety of events open to all faculty. FD Leads for community preceptors in the MD program (FMLE & Electives) and for rural preceptors (Teaching Practices and Integrated Communities Stream) also host events with topics targeted to the needs of these faculty members.

In addition, Site and Division FD Leads work with their teams to plan faculty development specifically for their faculty groups.

For more information, contact Dr. Allyson Merbaum (allyson.merbaum@utoronto.ca) and Danielle Dudycha (pd.familymed@utoronto.ca).