Chats & Consultations

The Office of Education Scholarship (OES) is here to support you at any stage of your project.  

Education Scholarship Virtual Chats 

The perfect place to start 

Drop in for an informal, one-on-one virtual coffee and chat with a member of the OES team (bring your own coffee!). These chats are being offered several times a month with our team of scholars and scientists. These are not formal consultations—just conversations!

Feel free to come by if:

  • you have an idea that you want to run by someone
  • if you are struggling with a current project or publication
  • if you simply want to get to know our team and hear about opportunities for education scholarship activities.

Any DFCM faculty member is welcome to book a half-hour virtual slot for these chats.

Click here to book a 30-minute chat.

Better Together Virtual Consultations

For more in-depth discussion 

OES faculty are also available for 1-hour “Better Together” consultations. This is our premier consultation service for education scholarship. This service is ideal for faculty who are working towards a grant or implementing a new scholarship project.

We will connect you with a family medicine clinician scholar and an education scientist, who together will help you to focus your research question, or consider different methodologies, or review a manuscript draft—whatever will help you move ahead with your education scholarship. They may point you to helpful resources or connect you with other faculty with the expertise that you need.

Please engage with our consultants early in the process to reap the full benefits!

Click here to book a 1-hour consultation.