Projects UTOPIAN is currently supporting


Project Title PI Participating sites

SPOR Network in Diabetes and its Related Complications [sites contribution data to UTOPIAN]


Gary Lewis / Michelle Greiver

Barrie, Markham, Mt Sinai, NYGH, Scarborough, Southlake, St. Michael's, MGH

Evaluating the implementation and impact of an online tool used within primary care to improve the income security of patients with complex health and social needs in Ontario and Manitoba


Andrew Pinto

St. Michael's, MGH

Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes: What is important to measure form the perspective of persons with complex chronic disease and disability? [site recruitment]

Carolyn Steele Gray / Ross Upshur

Mt. Sinai, Southlake, St. Michael's, Summerville

The SARTAN‐AD Trial: A Randomized, Open Label, Proof of Concept Study of Telmisartan vs. Perindopril in Hypertensive Mild‐Moderate Alzheimer’ Disease Patients [site recruitment phase]

Sandra Black / Meg Bennett


The development and testing of a scaling strategy for a Community‐Based Primary Care Antimicrobial Stewardship Program utilizing an innovative University of Toronto primary care testing platform: theUTOPIAN practice based research network [site recruitment phase]

Warren McIsaac TBC

OPTIMUM: Optimizing Outcomes of Treatment‐Resistant Depression in Older Adults [site recruitment phase]

Peter Selby TBC
An Online Platform for Expanding Antibiotic Stewardship (OPEN Stewardship) Derek MacFadden TBC
A Cluster-Randomized Trial Comparing Team-Based versus Primary Care Clinician-Focused Advance Care Planning in Practice-Based Research Networks Michelle Greiver TBC

SPIDER: A Research and QI Collaboration Supporting Practices in Improving Care for Complex Elderly Patients

Michelle Greiver TBC


CPCSSN National Data projects at UTOPIAN

Proposal PI Project ID
Bundling of chronic disease screening and prevention in primary care: a descriptive study using Affinity Analysis Michelle Greiver 2015SRSC42
Using Local and National EMR Data to Examine Paediatric and Adult Weight Trends in Primary Care Alan Monavvari 2016SRSC59
Epidemiology of Multimorbidity: A Comparative Study between Scottish and Ontario Primary Care Populations Frank Sullivan 2016SRSC60
Impact of CDA guideline dissemination strategy on the use of vascular protective agents in Canada Catherine Yu 2016SRSC67
Evaluation of a List of Essential Medicines for Canadian Primary Care Nav Persaud 2016SRSC73
Incidence and treatment of Bell’s Palsy in Canada from 2001 to 2015 using electronic medical health records of primary care providers Frak Sullivan 2016SRSC82
Trends in Systematic recording errors for blood pressure in Primary Care Michelle Greiver 2016SRSC83
Diabetes Action Canada –Patient, Practice and Population Diabetes Risk Management (PPPDRM) System Michelle Greiver 2017SRSC88
Patterns of thyroid screening and case detection in patients without thyroid disease in Canadian primary care Michelle Greiver 2017SRSC89
Deep neural network-assisted hypertension diagnosis Zhong-Ping Feng 2017SRSC98
Comparing trends in diabetes medications in the era of SGLT2s and GLP1s in Canada, the UK and Australia: a repeated cross sectional analysis Michelle Greiver 2018SRSC109


Projects funded by UTOPIAN - 2017

Project Title PI Participating Sites

Comparing the use of a validated readmission risk index tool (LACE) with the primary care provider’s assessment of readmission risk to predict risk of readmission to hospital within 30 days

 Sakina Walji Mt Sinai

Assessing the feasibility and clinical utility of primary care to specialist care wait time reports

Michelle Naimer Mt Sinai

Screening and Vaccination by Family Physicians for Hepatitis B in

Immigrants to Ontario (study based on ICES data)

Karuna Gupta  

Understanding Clinician Teachers’ Self‐perception of Their Academic Roles: A pilot study

Betty Chen WTH


Projects funded by UTOPIAN - 2016


Project Title PI Participating sites
Exploring the Primary Care Mental Health Experiences of Eating Disorder Patients: A Thematic Analysis

Kim Lazare


Coordinated Care Planning in Toronto’s First Wave Health Links: A Qualitative Study of Caregiver and Patient Experiences

Blaise Clarkson & Tia Pham


Sunnybrook, TEGH/MGH
Trends in the Use of Trazodone associated with Public Reporting of the Indicator: "Potentially Inappropriate Antipsychotic use”  in Long-Term Care in Ontario

Evelyn Williams


Determining Patient Preferences Regarding STATIN Therapy For Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease After Utilization of A Shared Decision Aid

Patricia Marr


A Feasibility Study of an Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Group to Enhance Coping and Resilience in Family Medicine Patients Living with Common Mental Illnesses

Rodelyn Wisco & Cleo Haber

Mt Sinai

Mt Sinai
Role Modeling of Professionalism in Family Medicine Residency

Stephen Marisette


Markham, Sunnybrook
Use of email between family physicians and patients: A descriptive survey of family physician practices and knowledge

Raj Girdhari 

St Michael's

Barrie, Markham, Mt Sinai, NYGH, Scarborough, Southlake, St Joseph's, St Michael's, Sunnybrook, TEGH, CVH, Summerville, TWH, WCH
Current practices and barriers to screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) for alcohol and smoking during pregnancy among maternity care providers

Alice Ordean

St Joseph's

Mt Sinai, Southlake
Pregnancy Risks and Women’s Future Cardiovascular Health: A Missed Primary Care Opportunity to Improve Women’s Health?

Karen Fleming




Projects funded by UTOPIAN - 2015

Project Title PI Participating sites
Barriers and Facilitators in Follow-Up with Primary Care Providers upon Discharge from Hospital: Patients’ and Caregivers’ Perspectives

Soumia Meiyappan


Using Local and National EMR Data to Examine Adult Weight Trends in Primary Care

Alan Monavvari


Childhood and Youth Obesity: Assessment of Screening and Management Patterns in Community-based Primary Care Practices

Matt Orava


Pilot Needs Assessment and Usability Testing of an eLearning Mobile Application for Procedural Skill Acquisition and Training for Residents and Teachers

Jeremy Rezmovitz


Family Medicine Residents and House Calls: A Pilot Study

Navsheer Toor


Assessing Attitudes of Evaluation in Competency Based Medical Education

 Peter Tzakas


Validating an algorithm to identify people with living with Hepatitis C using electronic medical record data and assessing the quality of primary care provided

Zoe von Aesch

St Michael's

St Michael's


List of publications


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UTOPIAN by CFP's Editor, Dr. Pimlott in his editorial: "As an academic family physician at the University of Toronto in Ontario, I am part of a practice-based research network, UTOPIAN,1 which has access to data about my practice and which sends me quarterly reports about my patient demographic characteristics and some key aspects of the care that I provide."

Greiver M, Sullivan F, Kalia S, Aliarzadeh B, Sharma D, Bernard S, Meaney C, Moineddin R, Eisen D, Rahman N, D'urzo A. Agreement between hospital and primary care on diagnostic labeling for COPD and heart failure in Toronto, Canada: a cross-sectional observational study. npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine. 2018 Mar 9;28(1):9. doi: 10.1038/s41533-018-0076-8PubMed

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  • FMF 2018 - Nov 2018, Toronto ON Canada
  • NAPCRG Annual Conference - Nov 2018, Chicago, Illinois USA
  • IPDLN Conference - Sep 2018, Banff, AB Canada
  • NAPCRG PBRN Conference - Jun 2018, Bethesda, Maryland USA
  • Public Health 2018 - May 31, 2018, Toronto ON Canada
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  • 2017 CSEM/Diabetes Canada Professional Conference & Annual Meetings - Nov 2017, Edmonton, AB Canada
  • NAPCRG PBRN Conference - Nov 2017, Montreal QC Canada
  • FMF Conference - Nov 2017, Montreal, QC Canada
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  • DFCM Annual Conference - Jun 2017, Toronto ON Canada
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  • Informatics for Health 2017 in Manchester - Mar 2017, Manchester, UK.
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Feb 2017, Toronto ON Canada


  • TIP program, University of Toronto - Nov 2016, Toronto ON Canada
  • NAPCRG Annual Meeting - Nov 2016, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
  • FMF 2016 - Nov 2016, Vancouver BC Canada
  • FARR Institute - Aug 2016, Swansea
  • HPME - Jul 2016, Toronto, ON Canada
  • WONCA - Jun 2016, Copenhagen.
  • ICEMEN (International Conference on Community Engaged Medical Education in the North) Conference on the Move - Jun 2016, Sault St. Marie, Canada
  • Canadian Public Health Association- Jun 2016, Toronto On Canada
  • eHealth annual conference - Jun 2016, Vancouver, BC Canada
  • DFCM Annual Conference - Apr 2016, Toronto ON Canada
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Department of Family and Community Medicine Research Retreat - Apr 2016, Toronto ON Canada
  • North York General Hospital Special Grand Rounds - Mar 2016, Toronto ON Canada
  • Global Health Program - Feb 2016, Toronto ON Canada