Comprehensive Family Medicine Locum Opportunities

If you have a comprehensive, Ontario-based family medicine locum opportunity to share with the DFCM community, then please submit it via our job form. Locum postings must be for office-based comprehensive family medicine, associated with a DFCM faculty member or a family physician based in the Ontario Health Toronto Region, and include information about compensation.

Opportunities will be reviewed internally before they are posted. Positions will be posted for a maximum of three months or until the closing date. Please note that DFCM does not endorse the source of each request. Locum opportunities that meet the requirements are posted as we receive them.

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Location: Hollandview Medical Centre, Aurora ON
Preferred start date: July 15, 2024
Duration of opportunity: 7 weeks (stints as short as 1 week also available)

Location: St. Joseph's Health Centre, Unity Health Toronto
Preferred start date: Flexible start: anytime until end of 2024 or early 2025
Duration of opportunity: 3 months

Location: Mississauga, ON (near Heartland Town Center)
Preferred start date: September 1, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 3-6 months

Location: 123 Edward Street, Toronto
Preferred start date: September 2, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 6 months or greater

Location: Lindsay, Ontario
Preferred start date: September 3, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 3 months, could become permanent

Location: Richmond Hill (Return of Service Location) and/or Scarborough
Preferred start date: September 18, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: Summer opportunities (a few weeks), Fall opportunities (two months)

Location: Bayview Avenue Road, Toronto
Preferred start date: September 23, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 2 months

Location: Vaughan (Bathurst + Rutherford)
Preferred start date: September 30, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 12 months

Location: Woodbridge, ON
Preferred start date: October 1, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 3 months 

Location: Birchmount Road, Scarborough 
Preferred start date: October 1, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 3-6 months (part time)

Location: Sherman Health & Wellness Centre, Vaughan 
Preferred start date: October 1, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 12 months

Location: Midland and Lawrence, Scarborough 
Preferred start date: October 14, 2024 
Duration of opportunity: 6-8 months

Location: Atkinson and Bathurst, Thornhill ON 
Preferred start date: April, 2025 
Duration of opportunity: 8-9 months (flexible, open to partial locums)