Information Sessions and Workshops - Faculty Promotions

Are you thinking about academic promotion in the Department of Family and Community Medicine?

This year the DFCM will be hosting information sessions and workshops for faculty who are interested in applying for a junior promotion or a senior promotion.  Whether you plan to apply this year, next year or in a few years, the information session will help you prepare.  

    What Is the Process of Promotion?

    If you would like to read online ahead of time about the promotions process, view details, templates, and find helpful resouces on either type of promotion:

    Choose below to see available sessions for the following: 

    1. Junior Promotions: Lecturer to Assistant Professor
    2. Senior Promotions: Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, Associate Professor to full Professor

    For more details, contact Sarah Letovsky, Academic Promotions Coordinator.

    Junior Promotion Sessions

    Are You Thinking About Junior Promotion?

    The DFCM will be hosting virtual information sessions this year for faculty at the rank of Lecturer who are interested in applying for a junior promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor.  Whether you plan to apply soon or further down the line, this workshop will help you understand the process and give you tips and tricks to prepare.

    Join us for a DFCM Junior Promotion Information Session

    Lecturer to Assistant Professor

    Faculty Presenter: Dr. Sheldon Cheskes, DFCM Faculty Appointments and Junior Promotion Lead

    • This session will provide a general overview of the criteria, steps, and process of a junior promotion application
    • It will help you understand the components and required documents
    • Opportunity for Q&A
    • Open to DFCM faculty and DFCM administrative/hospital staff

    Friday November 19, 2021

    If you are unable to attend, the DFCM will also be hosting another session (covering the same material) on the following date:

    Friday March 18, 2022

    If you have a large group of interested faculty at your site, please contact the DFCM Academic Promotions Coordinator to see if a site-specific session can be arranged.

    Senior Promotion Sessions

    Promotion from the rank of Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, or Associate to full Professor


    Please note that workshops for the upcoming 2021-2022 cycle have not been announced yet. They will be updated here and announced via listserv once dates are confirmed.

    1. Workshop #1 - February 26, 2021, 2:30pm - 3:30pm - WORKSHOP POWERPOINT SLIDES

      • This was an information session for interested faculty.

      • It provided an overview of the senior promotion process:

        • How do I become an Associate or Full Professor?

        • Brief overview of the steps, criteria, and timeline for promotion 

    2. Workshop #2 - March 26, 2021, 2:30pm - 4:30pm - WORKSHOP POWERPOINT SLIDES

      • This workshop:

        • Assisted candidates in preparing a pre-application

        • Helped candidates identify areas of excellence and competence in each of the 4 categories (teaching & education, research,  creative professional activity (CPA), and administration)

        • Helped candidates identify 5 scholarly pieces of work

      • Candidates will have met with their Chief and DPC Chair by now

      • Candidates prepared by reviewing the pre-application template and updating their CV

    3. Workshop #3 - May 28, 2021 -CANCELLED

      • Please note that due to the delayed COVID promotions timeline and competing schedules, the 3rd workshop has been cancelled. However, not to worry! - candidates will be given plenty of assistance and guidance in moving forward with their dossier.

      • Once a candidate's pre-application is reviewed and supported by the Promotions Committee, they will be provided with the following:

        • A feedback letter from the committee 

        • A set of DOSSIER GUIDELINES - detailed instructions for how to assemble the dossier, including notes on each document, helpful recommendations, and tips

        • Option to book a 1-on-1 meeting - with Dr. White and/or Sarah Letovsky in June 

        • Mentorship - candidates whose pre-application has been approved to move forward will be set up with a MENTOR from the promotions committee to provide guidance and advice

    Please review our *REVISED* DFCM timeline and familiarize yourself with the important dates in the upcoming 2021-2022 senior promotions cycle.