In accordance with the accreditation standards in family medicine put forth by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), the DFCM at the University of Toronto has developed a competency-based curriculum. Our curriculum was developed to meet the goals of the Triple C Curriculum and, as such, it is a curriculum that is Comprehensive, Focused on Continuity and is Centred in Family Medicine. Additionally, this curriculum incorporates all of the CanMEDS-FM roles. This document outlines the specific and necessary competencies to guide a resident’s development into becoming a competent, comprehensive and compassionate family physician. The competencies are organized into overarching entrustable professional activities in family medicine followed by domain specific competencies. Our intention is that residents and faculty alike will use this document to help guide resident learning experiences and develop shared learning objectives.

An overall view of our curriculum can be found in the Curriculum at a Glance. For faculty and residents who would like to see the mapping of the curriculum to the CanMEDS-FM roles along with site specific rotation competencies, please login to the web based application using your UTor ID and Password.

Competency-based Curriculum (Web Application)

DFCM Competency-Based Curriculum at a Glance (pdf)