Mission, Vision and Values

Outstanding primary care for all, powered by world-leading research, education, and innovation.
We deliver the world's best education for family doctors and propel knowledge, systems and teams to help people and communities thrive.
As the largest department of family and community medicine in the world, we have a duty to take on the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system. To answer them, we need a new plan, new energy, and NEWSCHOOL THINKING.
A bullseye with three rings. Innermost ring: Family and Community Health; Middle ring: Leadership, Relationships and Community; Outer ring: Research, Education and High Quality Clinical Care

WHY: Ultimately, our aim in everything we do is to work towards family and community health.

WHAT: We assess and prioritize our actions, concentrate our energy, and focus our strategic intention using three lenses: community, relationships, leadership.

HOW: The core tools of our work are education, research, and high-quality clinical care.