Instructor Awards

Continuing Education and Graduate Studies Instructor Award

To be awarded annually to an individual or group of instructors for a sustained contribution to the learning of students within our programs. Nominations may be made for excellence in teaching methods, curriculum development or educational activities and/or for supporting and nurturing their learners. Nominations can be made by a CE or graduate student, a program director, an instructor colleague, or by self-nomination.

Field Practicum Preceptor Award

To be awarded annually to an individual or group who has acted as an exemplary field supervisor for a CE or graduate learner over the past 12 months. Nominations can be made by a CE or graduate student, a program director, supervisory colleague, or by self-nomination.

Nomination Process

Award Recipients 2023

We are pleased to acknowledge the following recipients selected for the 2022-2023 DFCM Continuing Education Distinction Instructor Awards:

Continuing Education and Graduate Studies Instructor Award:

Dr. Susanna Fung, The Scarborough Hospital

“ Dr. Fung is an exceptional teacher who lead and is now Co-Instructor of the ‘Leading Improvement in the Quality of Health Care for Community Populations’ course, a core research requirement and selective of the Family and Community Medicine stream Fellowship, Certificate and Graduate degree programs. She is recognized by her students as a highly supportive and committed educator, and expert in, and passion for QI. Through individualized coaching of course QI projects, Dr. Fung is actively engaged in each of her students’ learning, consistently providing timely feedback and customized direction and mentorship based on learning level and needs. Her enthusiasm for improvement science is infectious. Her continued flexibility with course enrolment capacity and delivery exemplifies her dedication and collaborative efforts to support the Academic Fellowship and Graduate studies program. Dr. Fung’s commitment to inclusivity has enabled learners from a range of disciplines, clinical and cultural backgrounds and other departments to experience dynamic, safe and respectful learning spaces, to engage openly and meaningfully."


Field Practicum Preceptor Award:

Dr. Paul Oh, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, UHN

“As a Practicum Supervisor for two MPH(FCM) graduate students this past year, Dr. Oh ambitiously exemplified dedicated, communicative, and innovative scholarship and leadership skills through this Preceptor role. His passion, energy, and drive for ongoing improvement in cardiac rehabilitation and research is inspiring and infectious; he is described by his students as an exceptional role model that ‘goes above and beyond’. Dr. Oh is extremely supportive in connecting students with necessary resources, particularly with respect to research processes. He challenges with ‘outside the box’ thinking and encourages autonomy to create individual pathways for success. His incredible mentorship is appreciated and reflected in the potential for professional growth he sees in each of his students and through the quality of research projects produced by his mentees.”