Instructor Awards

Continuing Education and Graduate Studies Instructor Award

To be awarded annually to an individual or group of instructors for a sustained contribution to the learning of students within our programs. Nominations may be made for excellence in teaching methods, curriculum development or educational activities and/or for supporting and nurturing their learners. Nominations can be made by a CE or graduate student, a program director, an instructor colleague, or by self-nomination.

Field Practicum Preceptor Award

To be awarded annually to an individual or group who has acted as an exemplary field supervisor for a CE or graduate learner over the past 12 months. Nominations can be made by a CE or graduate student, a program director, supervisory colleague, or by self-nomination.

Nomination Process

Award Recipients 2024

We are pleased to acknowledge the following recipients selected for the 2023-2024 DFCM Continuing Education Distinction Instructor Awards:

Continuing Education and Graduate Studies Instructor Award:

Dr. Parisa Airia, Trillium Health Partners

"Dr. Parisa Airia is a committed and successful teacher in the Academic Fellowship and Graduate Studies program, lead Instructor of the Survey Methods course. Dr. Airia's exceptional commitment to her students and her teaching skill make her a highly deserving candidate to be recognized with an Instructor Award. She is incredibly supportive of her students, always making herself available for course and project-related questions. Her dedication to student success is unparalleled; she goes above and beyond to ensure that each student receives the best possible learning experience. Whether it's through extended office hours, detailed feedback on assignments, or personalized guidance, Dr. Airia demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her students' academic growth. One of Dr. Airia's most impressive qualities is her adaptability. She has seamlessly transitioned from online to in-person class delivery, maintaining high standards of teaching excellence in both formats. Her openness to new ideas and innovative approaches to teaching ensures that her courses remain relevant and impactful. Dr. Airia exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding instructor. Her dedication, adaptability, and student-centered approach are truly valued by the program and her students."

Field Practicum Preceptor Award:

Dr. Sheila Dunn, Women's College Hospital

"Dr. Dunn has been a long serving instructor in the AFGS program. Her teaching skills and mentorship have been consistently valued by students completing her research course. Recently she became a practicum supervisor for one of our international physicians. The student has expressed appreciation for her guidance throughout the project as he seeks to better understand the neonatal sepsis rate in his home country. It is often challenging for our International students to find field supervisors as they have not had the same opportunity to build professional networks locally. Dr. Dunn's willingness and desire to support this student's work is greatly appreciated by the student and the program."