Internal Peer Review of Grant Applications


This voluntary internal peer review process for research grant applications is being provided to help improve grant writing skills and the overall success rates of peer reviewed grant applications.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to submit a grant application for internal peer review, you must:

  • be a DFCM faculty member;
  • be the Principal Investigator;
  • not have an internal peer review process available to you at your primary research site.


At least six weeks prior to the date required for internal signatures, complete and submit the on-line request form located below.

Once submitted, you will be contacted to submit the penultimate version of your grant application (that includes background/literature review; research objectives/questions; research plan; data management & analysis; dissemination; time line; research team; and budget/budget justification). Applicants will receive feedback at least two weeks prior to the internal signature deadline.

 Additional Help Developing/Polishing Your Grant Application

Apart from our internal peer review process, the Temerty Faculty of Medicine offers grant development and research proposal support including: writing and editing support; ensuring applications clearly demonstrate the impact of the research; reorganizing for most effective content and structure; clarification of meaning and improvement of readability; correction of grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation; and ensuring proposals adhere to agency formatting guidelines.

If you have any questions/concerns about this process, please contact the DFCM Research Administrator.

Please complete the following form: