Clinical Teacher Certificate

This four module program's goal is to provide advanced training in health professions education for interdisciplinary faculty members who want to increase their teaching, education and academic effectiveness. This program will assist the professional development of any faculty member or the future teacher who wishes to build a career portfolio in teaching or education and is suitable for part time teachers at all career levels: new, mid-career and seasoned.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Survey teaching and learning theories and issues in health professional training
  2. Acquire skills to design and lead educational programs, such as lectures, courses or workshops, appropriate to their own setting
  3. Synthesize a personal approach to teaching that is informed by theory and reflection
  4. Select and implement comprehensive program evaluation techniques linking to health care professionals’ performance and patient outcomes
  5. Implement assessment of, and meaningful and continual feedback to, faculty and students
  6. Critically analyze important literature in the field of teaching and learning
  7. Practice skills in clinical education scholarship

In addition, participants will be able to meet their advanced learning objectives through completion of an elective course and the creation of the practicum ePortfolio.

Target Audience

Current or prospective faculty members from any recognized health care profession or speciality who are practicing in their fields

Program Length

This 4-module program can be completed within 8-12 months up to a maximum of 24 months.


A Departmental Certificate of Completion will be issued by the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto, to participants who satisfactorily complete the program.

Learners are evaluated on each component on a pass / fail basis. There is no terminal examination or thesis. All components must be passed

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Program Requirements

Required Courses

The two required courses examine the theoretical base and current issues in clinical education and applications to real life teaching.

  • INTAPT: Interprofessional Applied Practical Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions (FD07 + FD08)

Required Practicum

The practicum provides an opportunity for reflective practice of knowledge and skills in health professional training programs and clinical settings.

  • FD90: Clinical Education Practicum

Selective Course

The selective course provides learners with the opportunity to sample study a variety of academic content areas.