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Faculty Development encompasses activities and programs designed to assist faculty members in developing skills for their academic careers as teachers, educators, scholars, leaders, and administrators. The Faculty Development program in the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) has resources to support your academic career at all steps along the trajectory.

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“DFCM has a history of supporting teachers to perform at their best in order to train the next generation of primary care clinicians and prepare them to take on the challenges of family medicine.” 

Visit the DFCM Faculty Hub for Faculty Development Leads, teaching opportunities, and faculty resources

We work with our academic sites, divisions, and programs to provide offerings that support the needs and goals of all faculty.

We strive to support our faculty in pursuing new ideas and offer a variety of awards, grants, and funding opportunities in recognition of their amazing work.

Faculty and student well-being is of paramount importance and we have many resources to offer support. 

DFCM recognizes the important contributions of HPEs in the training of medical students and residents in our Family Medicine program.

Mentorship is key in helping faculty fulfill their professional goals, improve their job satisfaction, and build a supportive culture across our department. 

DFCM has many resources for those interested in becoming a faculty member, receiving a promotion, or renewing their faculty appointment.

May 14, 2024
The University of Toronto marks Asian Heritage Month each May in recognition of Asian community contributions and experiences in Canada. Dr. Sydney Tam, a family and emergency physician and a lecturer in the department of family and community medicine, discusses her experiences with Temerty Medicine Community Connections and the health-care system.
May 10, 2024
Meet the administrative super-team who have spent a decade building Scarborough’s strong community-based family medicine residency program.
May 8, 2024
Nine DFCM faculty members have been recognized for their contributions to family medicine and excellence in research, teaching and professional activities.