Beginning Your Continuing Education Studies


The UTORid is the username (and password) used to sign into a number of different services offered by the University. You will find the UTORid activation instructions on the "Getting on-line at U of T" letter issued at the beginning of your program. We strongly recommend that you set up your password recovery options during the activation process.


During the UTORid activation process, learners are given the opportunity to set up a University of Toronto email address. We encourage all learners to use this email for communications with the program.

Campus Wireless Access

All learners with active UTORids should be able to connect to the University's wireless network while on campus. For information on how to access this network, please visit the Information Commons website.


Quercus is the University's new Learning Management Engine. You can access materials and resources for the courses you are enrolled in here.

AFGS Online Community

The AFGS Community is our program space where all pertinent information — resources, announcements, deadlines, events, etc. — will be posted. You can also use this space to discuss issues, throw around ideas and pass on interesting information. We encourage you to post and respond to any messages during your time with us.

Where to go for more information

General Questions:

Program Staff

Program Questions:

Dr. Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul, Director, Medical Education Fellowship and Clinical Teacher Certificate

Dr. Melissa Graham, Director, Academic Fellowship and Clinical Research Certificate