Med student pointing at presentation for an attendee at DFCM's conference

The Office of Education Scholarship

As academic physicians, it is our responsibility to examine what we teach and how we teach, and contribute to the larger understanding of medical education.

The Office of Education Scholarship (OES) was established to support capacity building for DFCM faculty and staff in the area of education scholarship. Our mandate is two-fold: to coordinate and support education scholarship activities, and to advance education scholarship across the DFCM’s programs. 

What we do

The OES is a source of knowledge, guidance and mentorship in scholarly activities related to teaching and education in family medicine. Our faculty work with individuals, leaders, programs and teaching sites. We can help you take a question through the scholarly process to a stage where the results of your work can be shared with a peer group. We can support and help build your own capacity to engage in your everyday work in a scholarly manner.
Dr. Kulamakan Kulasegaram
“We are creating the future of family medicine education through rigorous scholarship, collaboration and capacity building.”
Kulamakan (Mahan) Kulasegaram, PhD, Director, Office of Education Scholarship
Jan 5, 2022
On May 6, 2022, the virtual DFCM Conference will focus on the theme ‘Better together: Shaping the future of family medicine’. Got a story to tell or a project to share? Consider submitting this in the form of a workshop or poster by February 14, 2022. 
Dec 16, 2021
Throughout the pandemic, you – family doctors, residents, students, primary care providers, researchers, educators, advocates, leaders and support staff – have achieved incredible things. I cannot thank you enough for the ways in which you make our department and our discipline proud, and I know your colleagues, learners and patients would say the same. 
Dec 9, 2021
Authored by nearly 100 family doctors and primary care providers, the 2021 University of Toronto Family Medicine Report features stories, reflections and anecdotes that represent some of the incredible work happening in family medicine and primary care in Toronto and beyond.