Health Professional Educators (HPEs) at DFCM

Be part of a broad community of educators in teaching units as a family medicine teacher, with the benefits and acknowledgement of a faculty appointment.

The College of Family Physicians Canada (CFPC) defines Health Professional Educators (HPE) as any educators who are not physicians by training and who teach family medicine to undergraduate, postgraduate and/or faculty development learners within the 17 academic departments of Family Medicine across Canada. This includes health professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, and others who work and teach in affiliated primary care academic teaching units. 

DFCM recognizes the important contributions of HPEs in the training of medical students and residents in our Family Medicine program. Training future family physicians in effective interprofessional learning environments aligns with the direction of primary care reform across the country and the CFPC’s vision for the Patient Medical Home (CFPC Position paper, Sept 2011). 

More information

Contact your Health Professional Educator faculty leads to find out more about faculty appointments and supports for HPE's.
DFCM has created two HPE Faculty Lead positions to support HPEs to apply for faculty status, assist in better integrating HPE’s into teaching activities and support professional development activities that include HPE’s.

Contact:  or, HPE Lead 

Current Modules and Research Project for HPEs

Field Note Training Module

HPEs play an important role in the training of residents at DFCM. To support this, DFCM is asking HPE preceptors to participate in resident assessments through the completion of field notes.

Field notes are a low stakes assessment which help support resident attainment of competency. To support HPEs in completing field note reviews, DFCM has created a field note training module, which you can access by clicking the link below.