Continuing Education Student Awards

The DFCM offers 3 distinction awards to students registered in our Continuing Education (CE) Programs:

Continuing Education Student Award for Scholarship

  • Nominee has demonstrated that work completed as part of the program course/practicum has been disseminated in a scholarly form outside of AFGS courses (e.g., poster presentation, publication)
  • Award will be granted to nominee with the largest scholarly impact over the course of the fellowship in terms of quality and depth of disseminated work

Continuing Education Student Award for Overall Excellence

  • Nominee has demonstrated superior knowledge and skill in the classroom setting
  • Award will be granted to nominee with most evidence of consistent excellence in course work and practica

Continuing Education Student Award for Leadership

  • Nominee is seen as a natural leader and a support/resource to peers and  faculty in the AFGS fellowship programs
  • Award will be granted to nominee with most evidence of consistent leadership amongst peers

Nomination Process:

  • Nominations can be made by any student, instructor or program director in the AFGS program, including self-nominations
  • The nominator is responsible for the collection and submission of the award nomination package and informing the nominee of their nomination
  • Nominations will be considered by the AFGS Awards Selection Committee
  • Decisions will be communicated after the nomination deadline


  • February 15th annually (Note: Deadline extended to March 15th, 2022 for 2021-2022 Nominations)


  • A student enrolled in, or completed, within the last year, one of our CE programs (AF, MEF, CTC, CRC and INTAPT)

Nomination Package

The nomination package should include:

  • Award Nomination Form (Note: Deadline extended to March 15th, 2022, but Form not reflective of this update)
  • Curriculum Vitae of nominee (including list of presentations and publications outside of the AFGS courses while enrolled in the program)

Submit nominations to:
Academic Fellowship and Graduate Studies Program

Award Recipients 2021


We are pleased to acknowledge the following recipients selected for the 2020-2021 DFCM Continuing Education Distinction Awards:

Continuing Education Student Award for Scholarship:

Dr. Karishma Ramjee

“Dr. Ramjee is completing a PGY3 one year Hospitalist program while also fulfilling all requirements in the Clinical Research Certificate. This has been particularly challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic, that has increased her clinical caseload and also impacted her subject recruitment in her research practicum. Karishma has managed all of her responsibilities with excellence, and is in the process of completing her three required courses with a current average of 90%, while pivoting her research practicum to attain her scholarly goals. Her research, entitled, "Assessing the relationship between parental health literacy and comprehension of medical information following pediatric outpatient and acute care hospital visits to improve healthcare communication" required a re-submission to the Research Ethics Board for changes in protocol due to Covid-19. Karishma is the Primary Investigator for this project and she was able to attain full REB approval and is currently completing her subject analysis and report. This required phenomenal dedication to the principles of integrity, quality and persistent workload management.”

Continuing Education Student Award for Overall Excellence:

Dr. Mohammad Waseem Zakour

“Dr. Zakour is a Clinical Research Certificate student who enrolled in the program in May 2020 and will complete his requirements by May 2021. Waseem graduated from medical school in his homeland of Syria and then completed surgical training in Cairo, Egypt. After his immigration to Canada, he developed a keen interest in research and has excelled in all three of his research courses with an average grade of 90%. He has completed his courses quickly and with keen attention while grasping new learning styles and formats. He is currently working on an international research study under the direction of Dr. Aisha Lofters for his practicum. The study is entitled “Reducing the Stigma of Cervical Cancer in Low Income Countries to Improve Detection and Early Treatment”. He is very attentive at class practicum meetings, and shares his knowledge and guidance openly with other students. His learning style is hard working and diligent and he has contributed greatly to the goals of his research supervisor. He is deserving of the award for Overall Excellence as a role model student and researcher.”