Continuing Education Planning, Management and Evaluation in Health Professions


An intensive course designed to provide the theoretical framework and the hands-on practice to plan, manage and evaluate educational projects and programs in health professions. The students are expected to come to the course with an idea for an educational project or program. They will have the opportunity to refine and develop their idea during the course and will submit the completed proposal for course credit. The students can choose a project or program involving professional education, patient education or a combination to address a healthcare concern.


Students will learn to:

  • Identify a feasible educational project or program;
  • Write a proposal for an educational project or program;
  • Implement and evaluate educational projects or programs; and
  • Write proposal for educational research.

Format: Five-day intensive course, consisting of a combination of short lectures, seminar sessions, and workshops and class discussion.

Proposal summary for educational project or program - 10%
Individual class presentation - 15%
Individual education research proposal - 65%
In-class group assignments - 10%

Reading(s): As assigned



CHL5609H or FD09