David Tannenbaum

Dr. David Tannenbaum

Dr. David Tannenbaum, Vice-Chair of Operations at the Department of Family and Community Medicine and previously Interim Chair, is an Associate Professor in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and was the Family Physician-in-Chief in the Ray D. Wolfe Department of Family Medicine at Sinai Health System until August 2021. He has an active clinical practice and teaches residents and medical students in the Granovsky Gluskin Family Medicine Centre where he is also the lead physician of the Mount Sinai Academic Family Health Team.

Dr. Tannenbaum is Chair of the University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Board of Medical Assessors and Chair of the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee at Health Quality Ontario. He served as Interim Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine in the first part of 2017. Dr. Tannenbaum held the position of president of the Ontario College of Family Physicians in 2012.

Dr. Tannenbaum received his medical degree from McGill University in 1977, and completed residency training in Family Medicine at McGill and at the Medical University of South Carolina. His main academic interests include innovations in curriculum design and implementation in residency. He chaired the Working Group on Curriculum Review at the College of Family Physicians of Canada that led to the implementation of the Triple C Competency-based Curriculum in family medicine residency training. He is the recipient of several awards for teaching and contributions to postgraduate medical education.