Enhanced Skills Program: FP-Anesthesia

2018-19 FPA Residents and Program Director
2018-2019 FPA Residents and Program Director at Graduation Dinner



Overall Program Vision

The FP Anesthesia Program at the University of Toronto is a 52-week Residency Program designed to provide family physicians with the knowledge and the skills to be able to provide anesthesia care for low-risk patients undergoing relatively uncomplicated procedures, particularly in smaller rural communities. It is of interest to recent graduates from family medicine training programs as well as family physicians who have been in independent practice who wish to acquire the knowledge, the skills and the judgement necessary for independent FP anesthetic practice

Program and Application Eligibility

Applicant must be a Canadian citizen. Applicant must be currently enrolled as a PGY2 in a Canadian family medicine residency at the time of application or be a Canadian family physician in clinical practice with Ministry of Health re-entry funding.

For funding eligibility, please see the main Enhanced Skills Program Admissions page.

Length of Program

One Year (52 Weeks) - Full Time

Curriculum Competencies

The FPA Residency Program adheres to CanMEDS-FM goals and objectives to achieve the following competencies:

  • Medical Expert
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Manager
  • Scholar
  • Health Advocate
  • Professional

 For complete details, please read the goals and objectives.

Sample Rotation

  • Community Hospital Rotation (Anesthesia) - Michael Garron Hospital: 28 Weeks (includes 4 weeks of Pediatric focused Anesthesia)
  • Pediatric Anesthesia - Hospital for Sick Children: 8 Weeks
  • Tertiary Care & High-Risk OB - Mount Sinai Hospital: 8 Weeks
  • Rural Community Hospital (Port Perry Hospital or Orangeville Hospital): 4 Weeks
  • Intensive Care - North York General Hospital: 4 Weeks

Unique Program Requirements

FPA Residency Program provides residents with the opportunity to attend the "FPA Boot Camp" - 5-day course taught at NOSM - Participants will learn through active participation in crisis management, advanced airway hemodynamic and ventilatory management, reflective learning and personal learning plans, trauma, regional anesthesia and more.

Program Director(s)

Dr. Vaibhav Kamble MD CCFP FRCPC
Department of Anesthesia, Michael Garron Hospital
825 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto ON M4C 3E7
416-469-6580 ext.6212

To Apply

Complete the application form and include a letter of intent, current CV and a copy of your medical degree. 

Interview Date: November 11, 2019