May 16, 2024  |  8:30am - 6:00pm

2024 DFCM Conference—Family medicine for today and tomorrow: What matters most?


Join us on May 16, 2024 at the Beanfield Centre, Toronto, as DFCM faculty, learners, and staff from across our sites and teaching practices come together and reflect on what matters most today and tomorrow in family medicine.

The DFCM Conference is designed to support the growth and development of our faculty, learners, and staff with invaluable opportunities to network with colleagues from across the department and learn from the scholarly work of our team members.

This highly subsidized one-day event will feature keynote lectures, research presentations, interactive workshops, oral papers, and poster presentations. Join us and learn about the remarkable achievements within the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

This 1-credit-per-hour Group Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 6.25 Mainpro+® credits. 6 credits for the in-person event.

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