May 15, 2024  |  ALL DAY

Leveraging Sustainable Occupational Therapy for climate mitigation and adaptation

This event is hosted by CASCADES, a pan-Canadian initiative supporting environmentally sustainable practices in healthcare.

Join us on May 15 from 12pm for the Leveraging Sustainable Occupational Therapy for climate mitigation and adaptation, part two of the Primary & Community Care Implementation Series.

Occupational therapy is an area of opportunity for implementing sustainability practices and integrating climate conscious infrastructure.

Occupational therapy practitioners play a critical role in delivering sustainable care that promotes health to individuals and populations and protects the natural and social environment on which human health and well-being depends. Opportunities within occupational therapy to promote a climate-resilient, low- carbon and sustainable health system include:

  • Reduce downstream healthcare expenditures (e.g. address proximal, intermediate, and distal determinants of health).
  • Reduce environmental harms of care and waste generated.
  • Design and create environmentally informed services that utilize nature-informed practices.
  • Adapt to the stresses of climate change, to build climate-resilient occupational therapy and provide anticipatory guidance to clients on occupational performance and participation.

In this session we will hear from Janet Craik, Lead Author of the new Sustainable Occupational Therapy playbook, and working group member Nancy Rushford.

This resource provides background information, resources, and considerations to guide more sustainable and climate-resilient occupational therapy. It also highlights the contributions that occupational therapy can make in transitioning current healthcare systems towards high-quality, low-carbon, sustainable and climate-resilient care.

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